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The Crimson Crafts

Glass Photo Candle

Glass Photo Candle

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✨ Illuminate your memories with our custom photo candles! 🕯️✨ Immerse yourself in the warm glow of nostalgia as your cherished moments come to life in every flicker. A truly personalized touch for your space. 📸💖 #CustomPhotoCandle #MemoriesInTheGlow #PersonalizedDecor"


How to place an order:

once order is placed send details to our email address with your order number in the subject line. 
send 2-3 high quality photos without watermarks!

2-3 theme colors to be used for design, include all details to be included 
email address to send details to 

Shipping policy and timeframe: orders take 3-7 business days after designs are approved. Receive designs in 1-3 business days! 


we will design and send to you for confirmation before creating the candle 

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